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Looking for the best DUI legal expert Baltimore has to offer? Trying to find out the cost to defend your DUI charge? Contact us today. We can help you fight your DUI charge.

A Dedicated Baltimore DUI Lawyer Can Save You From a Great Misfortune

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of connecting with an expert Baltimore DUI Lawyer even if you are not yet arrested or charged for drunk driving. It can happen to the best of us— at times and —that is why it pays a lot to establish a connection with an attorney specializing in DUI cases before you actually need the services of one. You can actually get acquitted even if you did exceed the blood alcohol level limit of the Baltimore but you need a good lawyer for that to happen. You can definitely get into trouble when you drive drunk but this should not scare you if you already have a lawyer on speed dial.

Which is Worse Between DUI and DWI in Baltimore

The authorities have a verifiable way of distinguishing the two by getting the apprehended driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) through a breath test. The difference between DUI and DWI could spell the difference between misfortune and relief. It must be remembered that all 50 states now have set the blood alcohol level to .08% for private vehicles and .04% for drivers operating a commercial vehicle. Both the DUI and DWI sound almost exactly the same. However, some states do make a distinction. DWI means driving while intoxicated, while DUI means driving under the influence. A seasoned Baltimore DUI Lawyer can use the distinction between DWI and DUI to free their clients from a terrible fate.

Hiring the Wrong Attorney in Baltimore Can Cost You More than Money

Your life hangs in the balance if you get charged with DUI. An inexperienced attorney can try to short-cut the procedure so he could get his fees quickly by opting for a plea bargain. Lawyers who do not have a full grasp of DUI cases will only seek for immediate relief, whether or not the decision works in your favor. Although a plea bargain would spare you from spending time behind bars, you will have to pay a huge fine and forced to attend court-ordered alcohol counseling classes that will mean more expenses and wasted time for you. If you make the mistake of hiring an uncaring and inexperienced lawyer who is only after your money, you are in big trouble. A DUI charge will have plenty of consequences that can affect the rest of your life. It matters a lot, therefore, to have the best Baltimore DUI Lawyer representing your case.

DUI is a Serious Offense and Carries Stiff Penalties in Baltimore

You cannot take a DUI charge in Baltimore, Baltimore lightly. Besides having to pay a huge mount for fines, the charge can mean you will not be able to drive until you have successfully served the penalties. If your DUI case is labelled as a felony, you face jail time and suspension if not revocation of your license. You will be forced to pay thousands of dollars in fines. With our expert Baltimore DUI lawyers, we can help protect you and rescue you from that nightmare.

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The last thing you would do is to take your DUI case lightly. Call our operators at Baltimore DUI Experts and we will link you up with the top rated DUI lawyers in Baltimore. No matter the consequences of your DUI, you are still entitled to a full legal representation from our Baltimore DUI lawyers. The rest of your life is at stake here; don’t gamble with it.

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