How Much Is A DUI Conviction In Baltimore Going To Cost You

If you have been caught driving under the influence, you can take the easy route and agree to a guilty plea, or hire the services of an expert DUI attorney in Baltimore. Getting arrested does not mean the end of the road for you. The process can be very complicated, so it is either you submit to the charge or fight for your right.

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DUI Conviction In Baltimore: No Laughing Matter

If we are to be very honest about it, pleading guilty to a second DUI case can actually be very expensive. You will want to avoid this kind of charge, especially in Baltimore, where DUI conviction costs are known to be much higher than anywhere else.                                                                                  

A DUI Conviction in Baltimore And Your Financial Freedom                

The information you will often find on most websites have something to do with a first DUI conviction. In this article, you will learn more about the price you will have to pay for committing a secondary offense. Because you will be hiring the services of a DUI attorney in Baltimore, there are going to be Legal Costs, as  well as Associated Costs, and the costs of losing potential income.                                                                            

Legal Costs of a DUI in Baltimore                

- Legal Fees: $2,000.00 – $5,000.00          

Legal fees will take up the greater part of the cost of a DUI conviction in Baltimore.  These fees almost always translate to results, so it redounds to your greater good. You must expect lawyer fees to be higher if you are hiring a more qualified Baltimore DUI or DWI attorney. The drawback is that competent lawyers also command very high fees.                      

There are other costs, besides the fines. A second DUI conviction in Baltimore, State, can really hurt your finances. And keep in mind that costs may vary depending on your situation.

• Fines: $2,000
You will be charged $2,000 if you are arrested for the same offense for the second time. But if you continue to commit the same mistake again and again, the fine can be as high as $3,000.

• Court Fees: $797
Baltimore court fees represent the penalty assessment fee which amounts to $600, the state restitution fund of $100, the Blood Alcohol Concentration analysis fee of $37, a counseling fund of $50, and jail-cite-and-release fee of $10.

• License Reissue: $75
If your license is suspended due to your arrest, requesting for re-issuance will require a fee of $75.

• MVA administrative hearing: $125
Refusing to undergo chemical testing during your arrest also comes with a fee as deciding to have the MVA hearing can cost you $125. This will, however, thwart your license’s automatic suspension. It’s quite expensive but this option should be up for consideration.

• Civil Suits: Unlimited
There can be no limit as to the cost of civil suits because of varied influences affecting it.

• Total Range: $2,997 – unlimited
Just for getting arrested a second time, prepare to spend at least 2,997 for your DUI case.

Associated Costs
These are some of the expenses you will be facing along with a DUI conviction:

• Towing Costs: $150 – 1,000
Getting caught means surrendering your car to a towing company. The cost for this is only $150, but the type and size of vehicle can further increase the fee to $1,000.

• Ignition Interlock Devices: $550-2,800
An IID serves as a prerequisite to having your license back, and this can cost between $550 and $2,800. Perhaps, you think you can avoid this if it is only your first offense, but there are strong representations now to make this mandatory even if it is your first time to be arrested for DUI in Baltimore.

Yes, you can possibly get away with your license safely in your hands for as long as you agree to have this device installed or if you submit to a breath analysis.                            

Some IIDs are cheaper than the others. The price can go up further if you are required to install additional features, like GPS, for instance, or if your DUI conviction necessitates the need for additional services.                              

IIDs may cost less if you buy it online. You see, Baltimore mandates that IIDs must be installed by a qualified service provider, and being so, the provider will not settle for any other supplier than its own.

• Alcohol Education Programs/Treatment: $350-1,000

Besides paying the fine, you will also be required to complete an Alcohol Education or Treatment Program, and the period can be anywhere between six weeks and three months. This is a personal expense that covers the evaluation cost of $50 to $100, and class sessions of $25 to $100. Not only that, you may be required to undergo weekly drug testing, which can cost you at least $25 per test.

• Car insurance: $3,600-6,000
A DUI record can significantly raise your insurance premiums. Your car insurance company will not turn a blind eye on this and will penalize you with higher premiums for the next several years.

• Alternative Transportation Costs: $768-960
A DUI arrest will cause the suspension of your license. Without one, you will not be able to get behind the wheel, so you will have to take public transport, which can cost you around $768 in a year’s time. If you are going to get around in a cab, the cost of alternative transportation can increase further.

• Total Range: $5,268-17,760
The associated costs will be substantial as you may spend at least $5,000 to as high as $20,000.

Loss of Potential Income                  

We cannot be very exact as to how much losses will be incurred when you are unable to perform your regular duties due to your conviction. You can easily lose your job, and getting it back is not that easy with a DUI record, This matter needs to be taken into account if you find yourself behind bars for DUI.                

Let us calculate your monthly salary and multiply it to the number of months you will have to serve in jail. There will be the cost of transportation when you have to go on a job search. How much are you going to spend for transportation? Looking for a job is already tough as it is, and a DUI record only serves to make it tougher.                        

Estimated cost: At Least $8,415 + 1 year salary Let us put the total cost to around $8,415, plus one year’s worth of salary – this is the minimum cost of your DUI conviction.                          

You may probably think that this is just a small thing, considering that this is your second DUI conviction already. And these are only estimates, meaning, the actual amount can be so much higher.                        

Beyond all the monetary expenses presented, the emotional trauma of having to deal with all these can have a toll on you.                                                                                          

Affordable Payment Options              

You may find offers as low as $150, but remember, the more complex the case is, the higher the fees are. Don’t be too stressed about all these because cheap DUI defense fees are available. Let’s face it, they are underpaid and swamped with work. We can provide you with the kind of legal representation that you deserve without you having to run out of your life’s savings.                

Many years ago, when a person is arrested for driving under the influence, he or she does not have numerous options when it comes to paying for the conviction costs. These days, they have the choice to pay the installment for longer periods of time.                

Even better, you can be on bad credit and still enjoy our easy payment plans. Truth be told, it is primarily for such group of people that we have come out with these affordable deals. As far as we are concerned, your credit score is not important. All we want are some pieces of basic information, and that’s it.                      

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