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Interlock Ignition Program to Prevent License Suspension

Instead of having your license suspended for at least 45 days, your lawyer may advise you to enroll in the Interlock Ignition Program (IIP). This will enable you to drive without restrictions once again, provided you don’t engage in drunk driving anymore. Once an interlock ignition device is installed in your car, you will not be able to start the car if the sensor finds that your BAC is higher than the legal limit. The device makes a record of the instances when you drove the car. These records are reviewed by the state usually once every month. 

However, you will be screened first before you can join the program. Most states grant IIP based on these conditions:

  • Your BAC was less than .15% when you were arrested. In this case, you can enroll in the IIP for six months.
  • If your BAC was 0.15% or higher, you can enroll for one year.
  • You can also enroll for one year if you were found to have refused to comply with the breathalyzer test.

Enrollment in the IIP has no effect on the administrative hearing for the suspension of your license. However, you will receive credit upon completion of the program. You can use these credits in re-enrolling in the same program if you get arrested again for DUI/DWI. DUI experts Baltimore can provide you more information on this program.


Your Lawyer Can Help You Get Your License Back After a DUI arrest in Baltimore

You can legally drive again even after your license has been suspended if your Baltimore DUI lawyer convinces the court that it is crucial for you to regain your driving privilege. The court can grant you a hardship license if you are able to pass certain criteria. These include being the only person in your family who can drive your children to school. You can also say that you are the only one who can drive a disabled or chronically ill family member to a clinic or hospital for regular checkups or treatment. In asking for this relief, your lawyer must be able to convince the court that a refusal to grant you a hardship license will seriously affect your family or your work.


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